What COVID safe plans do you have in place to continue operating?

Hi, this is David from Affordable Staff and in early 2020 as we all know COVID-19 had a substantial impact on how we all do business. For many businesses they have needed to adapt and pivot in order to survive and thrive.

At Affordable Staff we understand that we are a people based business and as a result have placed a strong emphasis on how we can create a safe work environment for all of our staff to continue to function within our office.

We take COVID safety very seriously to ensure the safety of all staff.

Let me share a few of these measures on how we’ve created a safe work place:

When entering the building you are greeted by a security guard that does a temperature check and sanitize your hands. Each employee ID includes a QR code that is scanned when you enter the premise.

When in the office all staff always need to wear a face mask unless eating. Some team members also opt to wear a face shield.

We have also placed posters around the office reminding everyone to wash hands regularly, keep socially distant and to ensure you are wearing a mask.

We have employed additional COVID safe staff that monitor the office to ensure all team members are following the measures.

As the team members desks are quite large, they can maintain social distance when working at their desks, entering or leaving their workstation.

At the end of each line of workstations we have a hands-free sanitization station where staff can sanitize their hands and also have access to sanitize wipes.

Each team member has been briefed on best practice methods in hand washing which is also monitored by COVID safe staff.

When eating in the lunch room all staff maintain social distancing, bring their own cutlery and bowls and if you are getting food from the canteen you are monitored to ensure you are maintaining social distancing.

We also have a full time on site nurse that can check, monitor and isolate people if they are experiencing any symptoms.

All staff must complete a daily health check survey to flag any potential symptoms.

All throughout the office we have markings on the floors and walls to assist with social distancing.

And finally, we regularly use misting (which is a fine particle sprayer) within the office which is essentially a way of disinfecting all areas of the office, including areas that are hard to reach areas.

If you would like any additional information around how we create a safe work environment you can contact us on 1300 139 482. This is David Judge from Affordable Staff, where’s there’s a better way to outsource.