Gab: Hi, I’m Gab.

Damien: Hi, I’m Damien and you’re live with Affordable Staff. This is where Gab and I answer those questions we get asked each and every week when we’re talking to people right across Australia or New Zealand around outsourcing. So today’s question is:

Gab: Okay. So this is one of the most common questions that we’re getting asked, Damien. How long does it take to get set up and who sets those timelines?

Damien: Yeah. So it is a really common question that we get asked especially in those initial meetings that we have. Suppose the answer is, the shortest period of time that we’ve turned around the team members’ a couple of days. But in reality, it’s probably two weeks. That’s the most common time frame that it takes to get a business, get all the processes and systems all set up in place. But we’re working with a number of businesses that are looking at a VA in three months’ time. So it really depends on how much time the team have to be able to sit there and make sure that a really crucial onboarding path is done properly; that we have the workflow, that we have the processes that we’re able to make sure that when your VA starts, that they’re ready to hit the ground running. So that you get the maximum return on your investment right from day one. So, I suppose, typically, two weeks would be my answer but it’s the shortest two days to three months. It really depends on the client, really depends on o what they’re trying to achieve and what their time frames are like. So, typically, we find that once a VA actually starts and we go through this proper, structured, onboarding process that we’ve got with clients, and it only takes them two weeks and they’re up to the speed of a normal, local team member, and from there the productivity just increases, and increases, and increases and that’s where you see the real value of having a virtual assistant with Affordable Staff. So this had been Damien and Gab from Affordable Staff where there’s a better way to outsource.