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The Australian Real Estate and Property Management industry is more competitive than ever.

Australian real estate agencies are feeling the pressure to balance good service and remain profitable.

Our solution allows you to offshore tasks that you would normally have a person complete locally, or may not even be getting done due to the pressure of freeing up your local staff to focus on higher ROI and client retention tasks.

We employ ‘Full time’ staff that operate within our office in the Philippines. Each staff member is assigned and dedicated to one client, and your offshore team member becomes a critical and reliable part of your business.

Property Management Services

Our Point of Difference

Our greatest point of difference is our 15 years of industry experience within Real Estate combined with over 10 years of knowledge around outsourcing infrastructure.

This translates to a more mature offering than others in the real estate industry and faster speed to market and scalability and allows us to provide consultative support if required to assist you in getting your office ready to Outsource.

What is a Property Virtual Assistant?

A virtual assistant, otherwise known as a VA, is a remote staff member to whom you can designate back-office administrative tasks. While property management virtual assistants are incorporated into your business structure and can be considered a team member, they are not part of the local or in-house staff.

In the Australian property management industry, a number of back office administrative processes are being outsourced to virtual assistants located in key locations, such as the Philippines.

Outsourcing Property Management Tasks

Outsourcing is an attractive practice for large-scale businesses and, typically, businesses invest large amounts in initial set-up costs and infrastructure. With Affordable Staff, this cost-effective method is now available to small to medium businesses, including those in the property management and real estate industries in Australia.

Once you outsource with us, we work with you to employ the best staff and implement key tasks. We have a unique, multi-stage employment process that only secures team members who have successfully passed each level.

We believe communication is key and we use proven methods for you to regularly stay in touch with your team, along with systems of measuring their effectiveness. As an additional level of support, every new team member is offered continuous training, cultural education and support from their supervisor.

Why Hire Property Management Virtual Assistants?

Employing a virtual assistant not only has a direct, immediate benefit on a business. Over the course of time, having a remote team to assist in your key tasks can help in efficiently accomplishing goals and grow your business while reducing your overall costs.

Outsourcing Can Save You Money

Compared to employing local staff, employing offshore staff is at a much lower investment. Moreover, if you employ offshore staff through an agency such as Affordable Staff, this is considered a business expense and is tax deductible. You also do not need to pay for an office, electricity, tax and superannuation, which can be a massive relief if you’re familiar with managing staff.

Outsourcing Can Help Grow Your Business

With time freed up, you and your local staff have more resources to invest in seeing clients and building relationships. Also, your offshore staff can perform marketing tasks that generate leads for your business, such as customer satisfaction surveys, social media management and newsletters.

Outsourcing Improves Business Efficiency

Delegating remote staff to work on administrative property management allows you to focus on high-value tasks and building your clientele. This translates to getting more things done – without you having to do all the work by yourself. And we all know that maximum productivity is crucial for the growth and success of any business.

Outsourcing Will Support Your Local Staff

Remote staff are the ideal support for your in-house team. As your local staff is likely focused on client relations and other tasks that demand their physical presence, your virtual assistant can be assigned to ensure that preparations, such as documents or schedules, needed for your team to effectively carry out their tasks are being taken care of. 

Offshore Staff Can Be Regularly Monitored

There are several ways we follow our outsourced staff, all of which are designed to ensure you are getting the maximum result with the least amount of risk. These include:

  • Random screen snapshots
  • Software that manages interactions and project timelines
  • Access to our own methods that allow you to watch your staff work live
  • Daily records of how long tasks take to complete
  • A full-time allocated supervisor that monitors any performance issues
  • Local Australian account managers who help fix problems that may arise

Have other questions about hiring an offshore team?

What tasks can a property management virtual assistant do?

Assign back-office administrative tasks to your virtual assistant, such as processing applications, setting appointments and schedules, filing documents and maintaining property listings. In addition to property management tasks, your remote team can also handle tasks for promotion, lead generation and client retention.

Below is a comprehensive list of commonly outsourced property management tasks.

Top 10 Tasks PMs Outsource
Top 12 Real Estate Tasks Outsourced
Top 12 Lead General & Marketing Tasks

Want to Discuss your Outsourcing Needs?

How much management will my VA need

How much management will my VA need?

When you employ a remote team member with Affordable Staff, an assigned supervisor tracks their performance and activity. Virtual assistants are also trained and upskilled in standardized tasks, resulting in maximum output with less effort on your part.

However, as your business may have its own unique objectives and processes, we encourage you to communicate with, guide and engage your remote staff as you would your local team.

How much can My Business save by Outsourcing?

A significant advantage of outsourcing is getting more work done with a much lower investment.

In general, by employing managed outsourcing services, you can save as much as 70%. You don’t only save on employment fees – you no longer have to worry about office space, additional equipment and other management expenses.

Feel free to contact us to discuss details on investment for your business.

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How we partner with clients

How we partner with Clients

Our Australian and Philippines team has developed proprietary core templated real estate processes and procedures that have been adapted to an individual agency. Each task specifies the involvement of the local Australian staff and offshore team members, including benchmarked data around time.

The overall objective when working with clients is to give business owners and teams a proven, cost-effective and safe way to outsource their Real Estate administration, allowing the business owner to focus on profitability, growth and increase the customer experience.

Outsourcing for over 10 years, Affordable Staff have worked hands-on with over 167 agencies on the creation of systems and procedures developing best practices of outsourcing/ implementation for Property Management and Real Estate.

Shown below is an example Workflow on how an Affordable Staff offshore team member works within a Real Estate business.

How do I know hiring a VA is a Good Fit for My Business?

Each company has its own set of requirements and systems when it comes to achieving business goals. Outsourcing property management services is one unique approach many Australian businesses employ to maximise their potential.

To help you understand whether outsourcing is a good fit for your business and identify opportunities where hiring a virtual assistant can improve your internal processes, Affordable Staff offers an obligation-free consultation.

You can call us to discuss, and we’ll help you determine the most efficient and cost-effective outsourcing strategies for your business.

Is outsourcing a long-term solution for My Business?

For over 10 years, we’ve worked with hundreds of Australian companies across different industries that continue to grow their business with the help of an offshore team. Many of which are property management companies that have integrated virtual assistants as a core part of their internal structure.

We understand that deciding to hire an offshore team member can be a huge leap for your business, so we’re happy to provide you with a free consultation.

When you contact us we’ll have a brief chat to get a better understanding of your business and will discuss ‘HOW’ outsourcing can work within your business.

We’ll share key points of outsourcing including the ongoing investment, exact applicants that you can get access to and the infrastructure we have to support our clients.

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