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The average business owner works over 50 hours each week, with an additional 25% working greater than 60 hours each week. On the flip side, the average number of hours your staff work is decreasing, falling from 35.5 hours per week in 1979 and now at 32.8 hours per week as of 2009.

The most common response around the business owner working greater hours than their staff is costs associated with hiring staff in their business. Based on this trend, business owners will have to continue to work more hours every week in order to remain successful in business unless they find another way to break the cycle.

This is where outsourcing/offshoring your daily and weekly tasks can assist in the growth of your business. This can be through the freeing up of your time, allowing the reallocation of funds into other areas like marketing or the support of your existing staff to better enable them to do their jobs.

Our Method Of Outsourcing

We have a professionally operated and maintained commercial premise within the Philippines, offering a very clean and professional office environment, continual fibre optic internet and uninterrupted power.

Our method of outsourcing ensures your team becomes an important part of your business, at the same time allowing full control of your team and the handling of your proprietary or sensitive information.

You control each stage from hiring to daily assigning of tasks with your team (local and overseas) acting as a support for your offshore staff and offering peace of mind to grow your own offshore team.

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Personal Assistant Tasks

Assisting with daily tasks that overly occupy your time. This can be following up with suppliers, ordering client gifts, booking flights, email management, co-ordination of your calendar, managing your social media profiles and much more.

Self Managed Super Funds

Manage incoming calls, customer satisfaction surveys, tracking of products, email and support tickets and escalation of important calls for action.

Social Media

Actioning and development of social media plans. Social media interaction and growing your social media reach, development of sales funnels and creation and management of social media accounts.

Bookkeeping And Admininistration

Invoicing, debt collection, email followups, confirming appointments and other general administration tasks.

Specialised Industry Tasks

Ordering and tracking of raw materials, product enquiries, preparation of quotes and proposals, market research, preparation of reports, forecast tracking and budgeting.

Data Entry and Transcription

Data collection and interpretation, transcribing audio and video in text, uploading data in CRM’s and other data management systems and transcribing physically scanned documents.

CRM Management

Complete CRM management, including entering and maintaining database records for new clients, opportunities, tasks and to-dos and assigning staff to tasks where necessary. Entering data to notes section, updating status and managing task lists and appointment notes.

Correspondence and File Management

Managing electronic filing system and email correspondence including labelling/filing of emails, proper filing of files and applying naming conventions to filing structures based on custom specifications.

Financial Budgeting and Reporting

Preparation of financial reports by collecting, analysing and summarising account information and trends. Prepare budget reports and finance reports for clients/directors/owners.

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