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With increasing time and compliance pressures, employing offshore staff can allow you to support your existing business and allow it to grow.

Whatever you outsource and delegate to your offshore team then becomes ‘set and forget’ and gives you amazing peace of mind as this part of your business runs as smoothly as a ‘swiss watch’.

The banks have been outsourcing for a very long time.

Now see how it can change your business from the inside out with outsourced workers.

Security and Data Protection

We are aware that security is paramount when dealing with client data and it’s important to have peace of mind when considering offshoring.

With this in mind, we have implemented an extensive risk management and data protection policy.

A number of these protections include (and are not limited to):

Mortgage Broking Admin Assistants and How They Help Their Clients

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Tasks Staff Complete For Clients

Listed below are real tasks and software our team use with their clients.

Correspondence & File Management

Managing electronic filing system and email correspondence including labelling / filing of emails, proper filing of files and applying naming conventions to filing structures based on custom specifications.

File Compliance

Collecting relevant files from email correspondence, checking, converting and compressing files to conform to bank requirements including file size, type and legibility.

Document Administration

Saving email correspondences between broker, lender and client into clients opportunity record. Creating email and document templates and preparing letters and mail merge.

CRM Management

Entering and maintaining database records including new clients, opportunities, tasks and to-dos and assigning staff to tasks where necessary. Entering data to notes section, updating status, and managing task lists & appointment notes.

File Administration

Completing pricing requests and ordering valuations. Sending lender formal approval and company formal approval in CRM. Completing master list restructure request forms and discharge request forms. Liaising with bank and solicitor to book settlement. Finishing compliance checklists and saving all correspondence to clients account including all documents used in the lending process.

Client Follow Up

Updating Client if there are any outstanding items required and following up if Mortgage Documents have been received after final approval.

Lender Follow Up

Following up tasks with the lender such as application status, loan document issuance, verification of loan documents and unconditional approval.

Letter Preparation

Preparation of relevant documents such as unconditional letters, completion letters, settlement letters, 1-year post settlement and 3 years post settlement.

Team and Career Innovation

Raise relevant issues to the team and work with them for personal and professional development as well as share ideas and innovative concepts to add value to the business.

Software our offshore team use daily

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