Why Affordable Staff For Outsourcing?

We are 100% owned and operated Australian and work with local small to medium businesses on how they can improve business efficiency through outsourcing.

Think of Affordable Staff as the middleman that supplies  structured & reliable office and staff that act as an extension for your business

We work to employ staff that can complete your administrative tasks, online marketing, technical and business support services.

Affordable Staff outsourcing is a cost effective solution to help your business grow and flourish without the overheads associated with employing people locally.

The key benefits of Outsourcing for your business include:

The investment of outsourcing is a lot less than the same local employee

Outsourced employees are a business expense meaning they are actually a tax deduction

We only select the highest calibre of people with many holding a university degree and other forms of formal education

Outsourced staff are a valuable part of any business allowing you to take your business to new levels

How does Outsourcing work?

Big business understand the attraction toward outsourcing. This exceptionally cost effective method has only recently become available for small to medium business, without the anchor of investing a large amounts of money in initial set-up costs and infrastructure.

Once you decide to outsource we can work with you to implement the key tasks you would like you to perform, to ensure we attract and employ the best staff. We have a very unique multi-stage employment process only employing team members that successfully pass each level.

Communication is key and we use multiple proven methods for you to stay in contact with your outsourced team, along with methods of measuring their effectiveness. As an additional level of support every new team member is offered ongoing training, support (from their own supervisor) and ongoing cultural education and training.

We are 100% dedicated to the Australian marketplace and methods of business.

How will Outsourcing work for me?

There are a variety of tasks you can outsourced to your overseas team. We work with our clients to understand and place staff based on the individual requirement.

Whether you are looking at alternatives to employing people locally or support your local team, outsourcing is a cost effective and professional means of growing your business. This may include online marketing strategies through to specialized trained people that can handle a variety of tasks.

Call us today to see how a VA can work within your business, call us today on 1300 139 482 or contact us for more information.

‘Business Efficiency Through Outsourcing’