How we protect our client’s data

We are continuing to work toward total security and risk management, focusing on principles listed within the ISO 31000 risk management standard and have implemented policies and methods to protect your Private Information and Intellectual Property.

It is important to acknowledge that COVID has certainly impacted business on a global scale. Many businesses have needed to change how they do business in order to survive and in many instances, COVID has meant employees have needed to work remotely.

With all of the changes, security and protection of data have been one of the driving factors when making decisions on staff. Over the last few years, we’ve invested a lot of time and resource towards security and infrastructure, with additional measures put in place during COVID which we outline in the video above and in the text below.

These are the following measures we have in place within our offshore office:

Security Policies

  • From an office perspective, we have security at the entrance of the office at all times and strict policies in place to prevent non-employees entering the office, both during and outside of work hours.

Physical Office Security

  • Inside the office, we have back to base security systems operating, both during working, and closed hours.

  • Monitoring cameras are on entry areas and working floors with storage on-site and live internet streaming.

  • Scanners for every employee logging them on when entering the building and logging off when they leave.

  • Separate individual lockers are supplied for the staff to place their personal belongings in before entering the work floor, and supervisors attend the working floor, monitoring staff at all times.

Risk Management Procedures

  • On the PC’s themselves, we restrict the use of work stations where the device can only be accessed at specific times and can only access authorized software and websites.

  • Up to date antivirus software is installed, LastPass for password security management.

  • Local Australian hosted document procedure and data management software are included along with procedures that track the use of data, prevent data deletion and limit the level of access to data.

  • Each PC has an up to date version of the current windows operating system, which as of recording this video is Windows 10, as well as time tracking software that measures keystrokes and activity levels and also flags unauthorized activity on the PC.

  • Finally from a people perspective, we have legally-binding employment agreements and non-disclosure agreements with every employee, including enforceable policies around data management.

These are just a few of the facilities and processes we have in place for security and data protection. Please feel free to call us on 1300 139 482 for more information.