Gab: Hi, I’m Gab.

Damien: Hi, I’m Damien and you’re live with Affordable Staff. This is where Gab and I answer those questions that we get asked each and every week when we’re talking to businesses right across Australia or New Zealand about outsourcing. And today’s question, Gab, is: What is a VA or what is a Virtual Assistant?

Gab: Okay. So by definition, a Virtual Assistant is a person who provides support services to a business from a remote location. But our most common task here would be administrative task or those non-income generating tasks that are very time consuming for our clients. But by our definition, from an Affordable Staff perspective, a Virtual Assistant is someone that we inject into a business to help them out to be more organized, to be more productive, more client-focused using the processes and the systems that the business already have.

Damien: Yeah. And I think probably one of the most exciting things that I’ve seen developed in the offshore virtual assistant world over the last, you know, 18 months maybe two years, is that virtual assistants used to be once upon a time,  Gab, just boring, mundane, administrative tasks that no one wanted to do or just didn’t get done. Now, virtual assistants are income-producing cost centers. So they’re actually making money and putting money in the bank for these businesses that we’re working with and I think that’s a really, really, really exciting transition and something that, you know, I’m pretty passionate about talking to businesses about because the opportunities that are out there for VAs to be able to make money for your business as well as do those administrative tasks, as well as complement your property management or sales teams along the way is just massive right across the industry. So it’s really exciting and if you want to find out more about how a VA can be income-producing cost center for your business and what type of tasks that they can do, you can reach out to me at This is Damien and Gab from Affordable Staff where there’s a better way to outsource.