Gab: Hi, I’m Gab.

Damien: Hi, I’m Damien and you’re live with Affordable Staff. This is where Gab and I answer those questions we get each and every week when we’re talking to clients right across Australia and New Zealand about outsourcing. And this week’s question, Gab, is: Is my VA exclusive to me or am I sharing them with multiple clients? I suppose we hear so much about hot desking in the Philippines where team members realistically change day in, day out. They get interchanged you buying and paying for just a seat, you’re not actually, you don’t actually have a dedicated team member and I know from I suppose, from an Affordable Staff point of view, that’s not something we engage in because we found that doesn’t work best for our clients. So that’s not in their best interest. So I suppose to answer one of the questions we get asked, no, we don’t hot desk.

Gab: Yeah.

Damien: But, is a VA exclusive to a client, or do they work for multiple clients?

Gab: Well yeah, the VA is actually exclusive to a specific client and that’s for several reasons. We value the clients’ data security and to ensure that their data stays within their environment. We have assigned them a dedicated team member that works for them every day. Also, we want to make sure that you know, the task the VA is doing is actually consistent to whatever the system, the company processes are. So in order to do that, we have to train the VA to do exactly what the company does. It’s just best to have a dedicated team member than to have like, different VAs every day.

Damien: Yeah. And also for the local team, it works best when you have a person that is part of your team. When you’re talking to Gabby every day, or you’re talking to Jill every day or you’re talking to Joyce every day. Like, rather than having Joyce today, Jill tomorrow, Gabby the day after, there’s no consistency and realistically, the team can’t feel part of your business. So they can’t perform at the optimum level. So I know that’s one of the things that we’re really, really, really big on in Affordable Staff is making sure that your business processes, that your team member understands how to do things your way — not our way, your way. And we spend a lot of time in making sure that they feel part of the team and your team feel like, that the VA is part of their team. So yeah. Thanks, Gab. This is Damien and Gab from Affordable Staff.