Gab: Hi, I’m Gab.

Damien: Hi, I’m Damien and you’re live with Affordable Staff. This is where Gab and I answer those questions we get asked each and every week when we’re talking to people right across Australia or New Zealand about outsourcing. And Gab, this week’s question is: How do I communicate with my VA? So I suppose it’s one of those really important things that we do get asked all the time, don’t we? How do we talk to someone in another country? So did you want to run through some of the ways that you see that clients communicate with VAs?

Gab: Okay, so here at Affordable Staff we actually have different ways of communicating with our clients. But since we are most concerned in keeping our clients within their own environment, the communication to be used will be whatever the company is already using. So if they’re using Microsoft, for example, we’re going to use Teams to communicate with them. If they’re using Google then we can use Hangouts. And yeah, really, whatever works for the client, that’s what we’re going to use for communications.

Damien: Yeah. And I think like, the most common ones are definitely Skype, at the moment Microsoft Teams, Google Hangouts, of course, Email, because everyone’s emailing. But also, picking up the telephone, like I know you get probably 20 to 30 phone calls a day, don’t you? Something like that.

Gab: Yeah, something like that when we have projects.

Damien: Yeah. And I know like, a lot of the software systems that we’re working with at the moment, you can even message within your trust accounting software. So there’s a lot of different ways to communicate and there’s no right way to communicate with your VA, it’s got to work for your business, it’s got to be able to be used out on the road, be able to be used in the office and be able to be integrated as part of your environment so you don’t have another software system running in the background. So this is Damien and Gab from Affordable Staff.