The Trifecta Recruitment Process

Hello this is Eva Judge from Affordable Staff and today I want to talk to you about our recruitment process and why we are able to consistently find great talent for our clients.

There’s a lot that goes on in the background when it comes to recruiting ideal team members for your office. At Affordable Staff we have created our unique Trifecta Process. Let me tell you a little more about it.

Once a person passes their first stage of the employment application, they are extensively skills tested and personality profiled. Whilst most companies rely on resumes, we find that through these skills tests and particularly the additional personality profiling we’re able to gain an insight on the type of client the applicant would be most suitable to work with, and understand their foundational ability to perform the role. This is stage one of the Trifecta.

The second stage is to place each person on a 2 week paid trial where we focus on key areas like, speed, accuracy, and their ability to use and navigate key softwares we expose them to. Additionally we test for knowledge and comprehension to better understand the type of industry they could work within. In essence, we are testing their ability to actually perform and comprehend the potential roles.

The third stage of the Trifecta is to assess their will and attitude. Let me expand on the third stage and explain what we mean when we say ‘will and attitude’.

Will is essentially their wiliness to complete the role, their wiliness to learn new things, their openness to be guided by those around them and how they react to feedback.

Their attitude is as it sounds… It’s understanding how well they work with others, their approach to their role and general personality.

While there are many other steps to our recruitment process this it is the Trifecta recruitment process that separates the cream from the milk.

If you have any questions around our recruitment process you can contact us on 1300 139 482. This is Eva Judge from Affordable Staff, where’s there’s a better way to outsource.