The Transcript of the Video:

When you’re an Australian business considering outsourcing, it’s important to understand exactly what you’re paying for.

David Judge here and I’m going to briefly talk to you about the different price points of outsourced team members and the different standards an outsourcing businesses offer their clients.

This is the difference between let’s say $1200 a month for an admin person v’s $1800 a month.

I’ve been outsourcing since October 2010 and have worked with many people on many different jobs and I’ve found 3 common issues with outsourcing:

1 – Attracting the best people that can actually do the job.

2 – Ensure their infrastructure is well supported (meaning constant internet and power)

3 – Keeping that person employed and engaged

Sure you can address just 1 or 2 of these issues, but if you want to ensure you are getting the best outsourcing experience, then it’s important for you to address these 3 areas (especially as this can impact your actual business if executed poorly).

So let me share how Affordable Staff overcomes each of these 3 issues for our clients.

Attracting The Best People That Can Actually Do The Job

As we’re based in a physical office within the Philippines we look for people locally that can actually work within that office.

Once people apply they go through a multistage process where we assess their general level of ability, along with their ability to perform the specific tasks.

This eliminates a lot of pain at the very beginning and weeds out any people that simply cannot do what they say they can.

Ensure Their Infrastructure Is Well Supported

This is referring to constant internet and power.

This is a bit of a no-brainer and again as we have a physical office space we always have power (with backup generators if ever required) and a leased internet connection (which is the equivalent to a business connection).

While countries like the Philippines are continuing to grow and develop their infrastructure, this can be an issue, especially if a person is working from home.

Keeping That Person Employed And Engaged

We pay all of our team benefits offer an environment of growth. Benefits are their holiday, sick pay (and 13 month), their medical cover and overtime. This in itself keeps a person working for you as you’re offering job security, which is important.

Secondly as they’re working within an office they understand they are there to work. With that in mind we’ve measured the productivity of a people that worked independently vs together in an office and there is no comparison between the two.

Working From Home Vs An Office

While some people can work well from home environment, overall we found they work better together in an office.

We understand the importance of setting up a solid structure when looking at outsourcing, especially as it can have such a negative impact if all the right parts don’t fit together.

While you’re looking at the difference between $1200 & $1800 a month, consider how inexpensive that figure is already compared to employing locally and how important it is to have the right person that can do the job and have the right tools to do that job.

If you’d like to find out more about how this can work within your business you can call us anywhere within Australia on 1300 139 482.

This is David Judge from Affordable Staff showing Australian businesses how to achieve business efficiency through outsourcing.