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If you’re like many other Australian businesses considering outsourcing, you may have a few concerns around security with your data and want to make sure you and your clients information is protected.
David Judge of Affordable Staff here and I’m going to briefly share how we handle security for our outsourcing clients and what I consider to be the ‘Minimum’ level of security any outsourcing company should have in place.

Our Early Experiences In Outsourcing

When I first started outsourcing in October 2010 I was greatly concerned with the security of my business information and limited the data my outsourced team had access to until I could implement systems that covered and protected us.

At the time I was employing people across 4 different countries and while I had a lot of measures in place I realised if I was running this as a service for clients I would need to have the least number of moving parts (as in make it as simple as possible).

With this in mind I decided to have everyone in one location within one country and chose the Philippines due to the distance, my personal experiences and the similarities between our 2 countries.

A map of Australia and Philippines

After flying over a few times I understood if I was to gain the maximum security (and peace of mind) I’d need to register a business and set up an actual office space as this would offer a higher level of protection and even allow me to set up legally enforceable Non Disclosure Agreements.

How We Protect Our Clients Security

So this is where we are at now and let me share with you exactly how we protect our clients and their security:

Security Guard At The Front Entrance

We have a security guard at all times at the entry to the office

Security Guard At The Front Entrance

Once you enter, you are greeted by 2 staff in the reception area

Security Guard At The Front Entrance

Security Guard At The Front Entrance

The only people that can go past this point are staff, which means you can only access the floor if you’re an employee

Security Guard At The Front Entrance

We have a policy for no mobile phones on the work floor and a paperless environment policy, meaning no pens or pencils

Security Guard At The Front Entrance

We disable the unused USB ports on each machine

Security Guard At The Front Entrance

We use software that takes random snapshots of the monitors (so you can see their activity – which is also benchmarked)

Security Guard At The Front Entrance

As mentioned earlier, as we’re an actual business within the Philippines we also have each team member sign a legally binding NDA

Security Guard At The Front Entrance

If you have data that needs to stay within Australia we also have dedicated secure terminals located within Eight Mile Plains (in Brisbane) for individual team members, which we can lock down even further. You can even log into those terminals at any time and see what your team are doing

We understand the sensitive nature of our clients data along with the importance of reducing the risk through strict security measures.

With this in mind we’ve created an environment that is more secure and offers less risk than 80% of Australian businesses already have in place within their own office space.

If you’d like to find out more about how this can work within your business you can call us anywhere within Australia on 1300 139 482

This is David Judge from Affordable Staff showing Australian businesses how to achieve business efficiency through outsourcing.