As a business, we’re in the process of making a number of positive changes as we continue to grow and in clients and team members.

With this in mind we’ve decided to start sharing more around what’s going on in the Philippines office and to show why our staff love working for our business.

We’ll send these updates out monthly to keep you in the loop of new happenings along with upcoming events that may be of interest to you.

For the month of October, while everyone out there is trick or treating, our team got quite a few treats 🎃.

We celebrated a very special baby shower for one of our long term employees Gretchen, a number of Birthdays where some clients remoted to join in while they blew out the candles 🎂.

We also had clients have their team members fly to meet up with them in New Zealand and a number of Australian clients fly to meet their Philippines staff in our office ✈️.

Business as usual 🙂

With so many different personality types working within the one environment, we thought it would be a little fun to create a ‘Fashionista’s Parody’ video where we highlight the different personalities that work under the one roof.

While we maintain a professional dress code in the office we also understand we are a people business with many different types of people that all work in harmony.

Disclaimer – All team members who partake in our videos have done so during their breaks with the intent to demonstrate that VA’s are individuals with unique personalities and talents.