On Tuesday 13th August 2019 we were sitting with our accountants when the first mention of a Flashmob came to light.

101 days and 8 hours later Eva, Nadine and 270 people joined us in the first Flashmob of its kind in our location within the Philippines.

Let’s set the scene… Imagine 270 people getting pumped up and just start to dance beside you–RANDOMLY inside a shopping mall?! Yep, mind-blowing and that’s what we just did right there!

Affordable Staff employees with their family and friends stunned shoppers with their dance moves, creating a huge, high-end energy flashmob! And guess what–even some random people joined with us TO DANCE! 🙋🙋‍♂️ I mean… who wouldn’t want to?! 🎉

After everyone danced for their meal we all dined at one of the most popular restaurants in the Philippines… Vikings.

The event was timed with the opening of our new office and after that super cool and crazy experience. Whilst there was months worth of preparation, in the end, we all had so much fun.

Really, this is the core of how we work at Affordable Staff. As we continue to grow with consistency, activities like our Flash Mob show we’re a business that captures that work-life balance at a cultural level, combined with good old fashioned fun!!! After all, this is how we roll at Affordable Staff! 💃🕺

A special thank you to Vikings for housing us all, SM City Bacolod for giving us the permits on the evening, to all those that helped with coordinating the people and the practice dance moves and most of all to everyone that participated on the night.