Gabby: Hi I’m Gabby from Affordable Staff and in these short videos, we’re sharing answers to common questions clients ask us on a regular basis. Today Damien is answering a big question… 

How do you recruit, train and get outsourcing to work for my business? Damien gives a brief step by step outline on why we have high levels of success when it comes to getting the right person and making it work for our clients. So, over to you Damien.

Damien: We have a set onboarding process that focuses on getting the people with the right personality for the role and just as importantly, we invest the time on building the right foundation for your business.

Prior to starting a staff member in a business we sit down with clients and develop a training process and an ongoing schedule of tasks that outsourced staff will need to perform.

So for example with the Real Estate Industry, I work with clients to identify and bridge any training gaps to ensure that both the client and the outsourced staff members are equipped with the knowledge, tools and processes to ensure that staff member has the skills and support from the clients to hit the ground running from Day 1.

As part of our processes, we also benchmark tasks to ensure staff are completing these tasks and as we are a managed office each staff member has a line manager in the Philippines to ensure if there are any skills gaps that the staff get the support that they need quickly and effectively.