In this Q and A we’re going to answer :

  • How has outsourcing impacted the Philippines?
  • Why do you think overseas businesses have turned to outsourcing in the Philippines?
  • Where do you see the future of outsourcing in the Philippines and why?

Transcript of the video:

Faith Perez from Affordable Staff and welcome to our RAW Q&A session around outsourcing.

With our business operating from Australia and our managed office within the Philippines, we’ve created these series of videos for businesses that have considered outsourcing and would like to get hands on experience of our staff here in the Philippines.

Today we’re asking 3 questions from 3 different staff around success and working with us in our business.

How has outsourcing impacted the Philippines?

Leonard – The country’s BPO industry began in the 1990’s and since then it  has become a significant contributor to our economic growth and export revenues.

Johanna – That’s right. In terms of revenue, outsourcing has given a lot to this country. And due to minimal requirements, even college students who were not able to graduate is still able to get a well paid job to help their families and support them.

Ralph – I agree. Economically speaking, outsourcing impacted the Philippines positively by generating dispensable job opportunities for Filipinos. Which resulted to billions of revenues, accounting for 10% of the Philippine’s economy as much as the expected amount to be sent home by 11 million OFWs.

Why do you think overseas business have turned to outsourcing in the Philippines?

Johanna – We Filipinos can easily adapt to different cultures and we are one of the best English speakers in the world. In terms of our attitude towards work, we are very focused and we are able to finish our task in a timely manner.

Ralph – There are many reasons why overseas businesses outsource in the Philippines, however, I want to point out cultural compatibility. The Philippines has a culture that is very similar to western culture. The Philippines has established a government which is similar to the US system. We have English as a primary language for business and education which makes western companies more comfortable doing business in the Philippines.

Leonard – Overseas business have turned to outsourcing in the Philippines because the cost savings that outsourcing brings about, and focus on core areas, and they can save on infrastructure and technology, and access to skilled resources and quality services.

Where do you see the future of Outsourcing in PH and why?

Ralph – The industry can spur growth further on the back of sustained investors confidence. The Philippines is one of the best location for offshore and outsourcing destinations in the world due to our highly skilled labor, pools of English speaking talents, and conducive business environment.

Leonard – Forecast by some analyst that the year 2016 on wards, the growth rate per year of this industry will be 15% and it’s about 25 billion dollars of revenue. So it’s going from strength to strength and I expect that the future of outsourcing in the Philippines has greater future.

Johanna – I can say that the future of outsourcing will be bright for the following years here in the Philippines. With enhancement in technologies and management, Filipinos will be better equipped in providing world class customer service.

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This is Faith Perez from Affordable Staff showing Australian businesses how to succeed with outsourcing.