In this Q and A we’re going to answer :

  • Who organises the relationship with my outsourced staff?
  • Who trains my Outsourced staff?
  • Do I have to change my business if I outsource?

Transcript of the video:

Eva Judge from Affordable Staff and welcome to our RAW Q&A session around outsourcing.

We’ve created this series of videos for businesses that have considered outsourcing and have genuine questions or concerns that need answering.

The format? 3 questions and 3 answers based on over 275,000 hours of outsourcing experience.

Who organises the relationship with my outsourced staff?

We have people locally in Australia (like myself for example) that will initiate the first contacts between you and your offshore staff.

They will introduce you to the technologies you can use, and help you to find the best ways that work for you. They’ll also guide you on best ways to get the most out of your staff.

Over time these people remain your main point of contact if you are having any challenges that need to be addressed. They are there to act as the bridge between your business and our office.

Who trains my Outsourced staff?

When we bring on a new team member we’ll onboard them with what we call ‘local training’. This is where we’ll share how we operate as a business, confirming the basic rules and refresh each staff member on the different types of software they’ll need to use.

Any additional training is dependant on the type of position that they are performing and is discussed and co-ordinated between the account manager and the client before we commence working with you.

An important point to note is when you employ our services it is the same as employing a new team member locally within your business. Whilst we co-ordinate and support you as a client, you will need to communicate and up-skill your team member on the way you run ‘your’ business.

Do I have to change my business if I outsource?

When you work with our business, we employ a dedicated team member that works within your business.

The 2 main points that will impact how well that works is your internet and the willingness to work with your offshore team.

As an account manager I’ve watched offshoring fail when the client does not want to communicate with their team member. For example the client will email me the work and then will ask me to email it to the team member. Then when the work is complete they won’t offer feedback or guidance to their team member but will come back to me on ways things need to be corrected.

For it to work you need to embrace that team member within your business and treat each staff member the same as if they were working within your business.

Whilst there will certainly be other little things you will have to change, this is the main area you need to be aware of from the very beginning if you really want it to work.

Ok, that’s it

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This is Eva Judge from Affordable Staff showing Australian businesses how to succeed with outsourcing.