We sat down with Filla, one of our Team Leaders for our Property Management VA’s, during our visit to our Philippines office to talk about her role in helping our team members and assisting the clients

Full Transcript:

David: Hey David here and I have Filla.

Filla: Hi.

David: How are you going, Filla, are you alright?

Filla: Yes, I’m doing good.

David: Excellent. So, we’re sitting in our office in the Philippines and I’ve grabbed Filla. Filla, what’s your current role in the business?

Filla: I’m one of the team leaders of the company and right now I’m handling some people at the floor.

David: Yeah, okay. So, team leader. So you have experience being a team leader prior to working with us, don’t you?

Filla: Yes, I have.

David: Yes, and who was that with?

Filla: It’s one of the call centers here.

David: Yes, and how long were you doing that for?

Filla: Almost nine years.

David: Okay. Fantastic. So you’re in the team leader position now, so you’re overseeing and supporting people here on the floor.

Filla: Yes.

David: As well as if there’s any concerns or issues or anything like that. You’re also helping out with clients, etc, communication. So what were you doing here for our company before you’re doing that role?

Filla: I was the admin assistant of First National Palm Beach under Dot and David Hamilton.

David: Okay, so what sort of tasks were you doing there?

Filla: I have a lot of tasks, actually. Sending SMS for routines and arrears, doing new leases, setting up new property on PropertyMe, doing e-books. Those are just a few of my tasks.

David: Okay. So you were performing PM tasks, essentially. I’ll ask this in two parts. What did you enjoy about the role that you were doing at that point in time, and what do you enjoy about the role that you’re doing now?

Filla: Before, I enjoyed learning new things, doing the property management since it’s new to me.

David: Yes.

Filla: So from BPO, I transferred as a VA for Property Management. I learned a lot of new things. In my current position right now, what I’m learning is or what I enjoy is learning new things which I haven’t learned before as a VA. So it’s more on handling the people on how to deal with certain situations and how to deal with certain pressures.

David: So do you think your experience that you have, I call it extensive cause it was like nine years, the extensive experience that you have as a supervisor combined with the experience you have as a property management support admin assistant, do you think that helps you to be able to support the team on the floor as well as clients?

Filla: Yeah.

David: In what way?

Filla: I think it’s more on the social and personal growth for me. It’s more advantage for me since I’m handling a lot of people on the floor and they have a lot of, each one of them has specific tasks. So each one of them has specific problems or areas that need to be solved. So it helps me also to grow in those aspects.

As a team leader, I think it helps me to be more responsible on how to deal with them.

David: And I guess as well on top of that, as a supervisor as a well as a person who has property management experience, it means when a new person starts, you got that knowledge already and with your supervisor experience, you can use that knowledge plus your PM knowledge to help these people, yeah?

Filla: I agree.

David: Okay, so, why do you think VA’s are an important part of a real estate business?

Filla: I think having a VA is really important. It’s like the PMs or the real estate owners have much more time to deal with their clients. Although real estate owners have a lot of tasks, they can throw those tasks to us, although minor or major it is.

We can help them out to have more free time so they can engage more with their clients, and to oversee their property as well.

David: So do you think we’re taking jobs from people in Australia?

Filla: No, we’re helping them.

David: Why do you think we’re helping them?

Filla: It’s because, I think in a nice way that we’re helping them so as not to burden them out with their work. Because most of them have 8-10 hours of work a day and they get cranky and they can’t do all those tasks because they’re too tired of those 8 hours or 10 hours.

So having a VA and giving those tasks to their VA’s free up their time which gives them time to relax or to engage with their clients. So I think that’s a nice way.

David: Excellent. So, why do you think you’re qualified to perform your role as a team leader for PMs?

Filla: For over nine years of being a supervisor in the previous company that I have, I think I’m well-equipped with those characteristics and skills. And right now since before i jumped into being a team leader and supervisor, I’m one of the VA’s as well. So I do have knowledge in Property Management.

So I think having that characteristics makes me qualified for that said position.

David: Fantastic. Well, thank you very much Filla. See this is much easier that you thought it would be. And appreciate you sitting down and having a quick chat to us about your role within the business and your experience, etc. etc.

Thank you very much. David here with Filla and we’ll talk soon.

Filla: Bye.