It’s no secret that 2018 was a challenging year in the financial services industries, with constant changes, not only in the lender arena of policies, products and procedures but also with the regulators as well as the Heavy Scrutinisation of lending practices and remuneration, initiated by the Australian government.

Most of this change was outside of the individual mortgage brokers control, but it is an environment that does impact on how brokers might move forward in the future. So we decided to ask some brokers and other industry professionals how they are moving forward or what they recommend, in dealing with the uncertain environment we are working in now. This is what they had to say:

Get help for yourself in your business, as the airline industry constantly suggests: “put on your own mask before helping others” and this is a good line of thinking. If you have your own ducks in a row, it makes it that much easier to help others where you can.

At Affordable Staff, we support Mortgage Brokers in being able to do the higher level tasks of mortgage broking,  because we assist with the backend and admin level tasks. This enables the broker more time to deliver higher levels of customer service by being more ‘front facing’ and providing service to customers in a more direct way.

Please remember to promote the various campaigns out there lending support to the mortgage broking industry from various aggregators and industry groups. A list of campaigns and links can be found on the page below.

The best way to move forward in an uncertain environment is to empower yourself and your business.