Hi, this is David, and at Affordable Staff we ensure our clients data is protected through a series of local and legal measures we place around all staff within the business.

As we work across a number of industries there has always been a necessity to ensure we implement security & data protection based on that industry. To ensure we are able to adhere to each industry we have actually implemented a higher level of security across our entire business.

This is also combined with ISO 31000 principles which are guidelines, principles, a framework and a process for managing risk. As a business this translates to the current security & data protection measures we have in place combined with the idea of continuous improvement, meaning we continually find and encourage opportunities to improve what we do.

This as a business sets us apart as we’re not only looking at how we can maintain existing security & data protection measures, but also actively look at ways to improve those measures.

When we look at Security and Data Protection, we break these into 3 key areas, Security Policies, Physical Office Security and Risk Management Procedures.

A brief example of Security policies includes 24/7 security to the entrance, policies that only allow internal employees to the office at certain times of the day.

Physical office security includes: On floor security, Security systems, camera monitoring, logging in and out technology, lockers to store all personal belongings like phones.

Risk management procedures include: locking down of PCs to only access during scheduled work times, up to date antivirus and operating systems, password security protection software, full cloud-based data control and logging, time tracking and keystroke recording of activity, and legally binding employment and Non-disclosure agreements.

All of these measures combined are why with Affordable Staff, there’s a better way to outsource.

This is David and click below to find out more about our security & data protection!