Hi, this is Eva, and at Affordable Staff we have a strong focus on training and establishing processes in a business from day one.

Let me briefly explain what this means, why we work this way, and how it benefits our clients.

Working with over 247 clients over the past 7 years, we’ve come to understand a few key areas when it comes to making outsourcing work well within a business.

The first area is an understanding of how you approach training and the people you employ.

Many years ago, we would advertise for a role within a business, for example, a broker assistant.

We would advertise for that person to have a minimum of 2 years’ experience in XYZ and knowledge in software’s ABC.

When people would apply for those positions, during our testing we would find that they didn’t have a very good understanding of the role or have inadequate knowledge to match the client’s expectations.

That process would equate to sub-par applicants meaning you would be employing another businesses mistakes.

This is where we decided as a business to employ a person based on a balance of skill, will, combined with personality profiling as this “Trifecta Approach” translates to a faster and stronger integration with a client a team member taking on average two weeks to be fully effective within a business.

Now this leads me to the second area which is how you systematize the processes within a business.

This is a really important area that many business owners know they need to do… but at the same time is a business growth roadblock as in reality, most businesses don’t have the time to create those systems.

The Affordable Staff way, is to empower the VAs with the tools and methods to create their own processes for your business, essentially removing that roadblock of systematizing the business.

The local Australian staff within the business show the VA how to complete tasks, and with software like Zoom, the VA documents the systems and processes. If the client were to decide to bring on additional VA’s, the initial VA can handle the upskilling and training including new local staff if required.

This has always been a fundamental focus within our business and is the reason why at Affordable Staff, there’s a better way to Outsource.

My name is Eva and Click below to find out more about how we work with clients to create their processes and training!