Once you’ve made the decision get some help, it’s important to source the type of assistance that will provide the most benefit over the long term. While file driving can provide immediate help to workload in the short term, it normally doesn’t assist with building efficiency and process within a business, and it’s a given that mortgage broking is a heavily process-oriented industry.

Although scenarios and individual circumstances change from file to file, the general steps to assess that file remain the same. Residential Mortgage lending at the moment requires a very high level of administrative work which can easily burn up consistent levels of a brokers time every week, so it’s not a huge leap to say that outsourcing consistent hours towards those administrative tasks would be beneficial to building business process and in creating more time for the broker.

Gaining that time back into the day can enable the broker to spend more quality time creating new client relationships, maintaining existing relationships and delivering a higher level of customer service along with having more time to work ON their business instead of FOR/IN it.

Instead of trying to outsource individual admin tasks in single parts, we’ve found it to be far more efficient to outsource those requirements as a whole, using structured workflows and repeating tasks. Keeping that focus on one client and not having the disruption of switching clients throughout the day creates a more streamlined overall workflow and more efficient business process.

Please feel free to get in touch for more information. This is Nadine from Affordable Staff helping you to build business efficiency through outsourcing.