We ask some of our team members why they like working for Affordable Staff.

The working hours here in Affordable Staff are very convenient. We get to enjoy two days off. We also get to enjoy fixed morning shifts.

I do love the flexible working hours the company provides and I still have a lot of extra time for my hobbies.

Our clients are approachable and they are friendly.

Among all the bosses I’ve dealt with before, they are actually the best. They always make sure to commend you for all the hard work you do from time to time.

The client is very friendly and she always offers help whenever needed.

It’s very nice. We do have a very fun, chill, and friendly client who is easy to talk to and who’s giving me definite and precise instructions whenever they gave me tasks.

Everyone here is willing to help you in case you have questions or things that you don’t understand.

They are vey supportive and very helpful especially if there are tasks we’re not so sure about.

We enjoy our weekends off, we’ve got more time for our families.

Weekends off and I could spend more time with my family and friends.

You’ve got the opportunity to grow and learn as you go along.

There’s always a room for you to grow and learn new skills here.

Here, it stretches my weaknesses and comfort zone as well as expands my area of expertise and strength.

Ever since I started training with Affordable Staff, my career started to grow. I’m improving in my administrative skills, in my data entry, and I can see a lot of opportunities here in Affordable Staff.

Everyone here treats you like a family.

Our co-workers treat us like family and everyone is willing to provide support.