Hello, Nadine from Affordable Staff here. We’re commonly asked whether our staff work from home or an office and this is a very good question. Put simply, every Affordable Staff team member works from an office. There are a number of reasons above and beyond just the consistency of power and internet, and why our teamwork from an office.

In reality, when we first started up years ago our team were working from their own home office and they noticed a dramatic change in productivity and efficiency once working from the Affordable Staff office. This makes sense when you think about it as people are more prone to distractions if they’re not in a professional environment, especially when considering pets, children and other distractions preventing work being done.

There are a number of measures we take that ensure offshore staff turn up ready to work, and once working with their client, staff can actually focus properly on the tasks at hand. While the investment of setting up an office and the supporting infrastructure adds to overall costs, we find that the benefits from the increase in security and productivity gained from having staff working from a professional office, far outweighs that cost.

This is Nadine from Affordable Staff, helping clients to engage the best global talent in an Affordable Way.