Hey Damien here and I was in a Facebook group the other day where a person asked…  What will happen to all of the property managers when they outsource because of the cheapness?

I don’t think this is the real issue, as I record this video there are just over 4000 jobs advertised on indeed for PM’s and reports show the average lifecycle of a property manager in any one agency being only 9 months.

As an industry we’re not making it attractive enough for people to stay as a result impossibly large portfolios, Lack of training and Poor systems and procedures.

Also, if we want to attract new local people into the industry, how can existing property managers have the time to invest on these people when they’re working 12 hours days just managing their portfolio and keeping their head above water.

Property management has changed from 15 years ago when I started in the industry. Nowadays the average PM is so bogged down with administration that they barely have time to do what they’re supposed to do.

That’s the reason I left property management and joined an outsourcing business as I saw first hand how outsourcing can fix the issue by supporting property managers so they would have the time to develop the PM’s of the future.

This is Damien from Affordable Staff and talk soon.