Hi, David here, in a recent conversation with a new client they were concerned about security and sharing passwords for their softwares with their new team member, especially as they wanted to confirm what measures we had in place to stop someone from copying their passwords and logging in at home.

They were talking about Property Tree which like many cloud based PM softwares, cannot IP lock down.

We have invested a lot in our secure structure, from NDA’s to security cameras, biometric scanners and more importantly our IT infrastructure.

Because of our years of experience with outsourcing we know what software to use for nearly any situation.

The fix in this instance was ‘Last Pass’.

Last Pass is a software that stores all of your passwords and allows you to share those passwords with other people that use Lastpass. You can also install the Lastpass add-on on your browser, which will autofill the login fields.

One of the best features for our clients is when you share your passwords you can choose to hide the password, which means the person you’re sharing with can still login, but they can’t see the password.

This combined with our internal security measures was a great solution that I recommend you look at using yourself if you have any share any passwords with people outside of your business.

This is David from Affordable Staff and talk soon.