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With costs pressures always increasing in a Real Estate business, owners are increasingly asking me how a VA help in my business? The facts are 23% of business owners are working 70+ hours per week and an outsourced team member will be able to assist you and your team recoup some of that family time and add that piece of mind around some of the tasks that have to get done.

As a person that has worked in the real estate industry for many years there is an endless list of jobs that a VA can assist with in a Real Estate Business that will add real value, and free up precious staff resources allowing your team on the ground to focus on cost productive, money making and client focused tasks that require the skills and professionalism of a Sales Agent or Property Manager.

Damien Barnett from affordable staff and today I am going to share with you my top 10 Real estate tasks that can be outsourced that add REAL VALUE to your business

This is through my own hands on experience guiding Real Estate agencies specifically implementing outsourcing into their business and are not in any particular order:

1. Generating CMA (Comparative Market Analysis) Reports.

An upskilled outsourcer can generate these for your property management team to enhance the lease renewal process and ensure that your clients are offered a high level of service.

2. Updating And Maintaining The Company Website With Current Listings

With the costs exploding for real estate listing portals, the SEO benefits to your business are amazing and will assist you make you ‘THE’ Real Estate authority in your area when combined with other social media activities.

3. Content And Blog Writing

Every business wants to have an amazing content that is sent out regularly, but how many of us actually consistently achieve the deadline without a member of the team or business owner sitting up all night writing the content at the last minute?  A outsourcer can research, write and consistently execute these newsletter campaigns so your clients are kept up to date with your relevant news and views.

4. Marketing Campaigns

Need to order those brochures for your new listing, ensure the sign is installed at the property, organise the letterbox drop with leaflet company? An outsourced team member could manage this entire process on your behalf. They can even resize, watermark and edit your photos to maintaining your consistency in branding.

5. Entry Notices

The scheduling and emailing out entry notices for Routine Inspections is a critical task is also a resource intensive task and can easily be managed by your Outsourced team members. And they can even schedule and execute the follow up text messages for you.

6. Processing Applications

Reduce the cost of processing applications by assigning this task to your outsourcer. Whilst the Property Management team our out of the office doing Routines or managing the maintenance, your Outsourcer can continue to process applications and present them to the property manager for sign off from the tenants and owners.

7. Completing Vendor And Owner feedback Reports.

More effectively use the time of your team by having your Outsourcer collate and prefill the information of these reports so they are ready to send after you have contacted the buyers or prospective tenants from the weekend open homes.

8. Routine Inspection Reporting

Now your property manager has completed the routine inspection the time consuming tasks starts. Checking spelling, adding the relevant disclaimers and typing up the report in your agency format ready to send. How many times have there been reports in the Property Management system that have been done but not finalised and reported to the owner in a timely manner?

9. Co Ordinating Value Added Services

This includes services such as notifying cleaners of vacating tenants, pest contractors, etc. This adds value to your existing clients and make them sticky clients and clients for life.

10. Past Client Follow Up Campaigns And Creating And Sending Local Information Packs

Having just sold or rented a house. Have your VA team member send your new residents useful local information like, bin days, local schools and contacts, where the local shops are and great offers from local businesses that may want to partner with you to expand their client base.

Let me add 1 more as a bonus…

11. Book Keeping And Debt Collections Services

With cloud based bookkeeping software increasing becoming the normal, a skilled outsourced team member can now complete your booking on your behalf, follow up on outstanding tenant property management invoices .

These are just a few on the many tasks that an Outsourced employee from Affordable Staff perform within your Real Estate Business.

If you’d like to find out more about how outsourcing can work within your business you can call us anywhere within Australia on 1300 139 482.

This is Damien Barnett from affordable staff showing Australian businesses how to achieve business efficiency through outsourcing.