Hi, this is Nadine, and at Affordable Staff, we utilise a consultative approach in working with clients. From the very beginning of their journey, we work to our ensure clients feel supported along the way.

Let me explain how we do this and why it so important.

Although we’ve been outsourcing for many years, we often find that when a client approaches us, they are somewhat at a loss as to how to get outsourcing to work for their business. On the flip side, other clients who’ve had some experience with outsourcing, have not always been able to find the right people for the job or have simply not previously received appropriate support.

Our key point of difference is our consultative approach, which assists with identifying gaps when introducing VAs to a business. Over the past years, we’ve found the 3 key areas most common are processes being in place, the structure of the business in a cloud environment, and having local buy in from local staff.

We have developed best practice models for each step of the process which include:

Finding the right people to do that job through personality profiling and a series of skills testing

The Affordable Staff support team, including your BDM being available and assisting with VA integration into your business

Drawing on our previous experience in outsourcing and providing direct advice on areas for improvement

It would be untrue to for us to claim that issues never occur along the way, but we consider that issues do happen, our job is to work together to find a solution for you, our Client. At Affordable Staff, we believe it’s not about the problem, it’s about what can be done to correct the problem and to implement a fixed solution.

Over the years we have experienced many unique scenarios and a result, we’re also able to recognise potential issues and then work through them with you. These can range from issues with local staff and areas of improvement through to a potential challenge that we may need to be addressed with a VA to help with better alignment.

As I mentioned earlier, it’s not about the problem, it’s about addressing that problem with an appropriate solution. This has always been a fundamental focus within our business and is the reason why at Affordable Staff, there’s a better way to Outsource.