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Communication, the key to cultivating and maintaining any strong business relationship and in Real Estate one of the most regular and time consuming pieces of communication that we share with clients is the weekly owner’s report.

Damien Barnett from affordable staff and today I am going to share with you how an Outsourced Team Member can add REAL VALUE to your business by assisting in critical parts of this process.

Nearly every real estate CRM allows an agent to collect attendee details at open for inspections making the follow up process a rather simple matter of the agent contacting the people and recording their feedback for owners into the weekly report.

Feedbacks are recorded by the agent into a weekly report

These reports unfortunately are sent to the owners with incomplete information

Why Weekly Reports Are Delivered Incomplete

Unfortunately these reports often are sent to owners incomplete due to the large volume of ongoing research and data entry from 3rd party sources that is required to ensure that the entire story of the week is captured accurately.

An Outsourced Team member is able to ensure this report reflects the high customer standards of your business by ensuring that fields that require research are completed and they can even email the report to the owner on your behalf, ensuring that your team are using your valuable time in the most cost effective manner possible (closing the deal).

Outsourced Teams Are Upskilled In Your CRM

Affordable Staff team members are upskilled by our team in your CRM database (for example Inspectrealestate, Mydesktop, Console and REST just to name a few) to ensure that you and your team hit the ground running from DAY 1.

If you’d like to find out more about how outsourcing can work within your business you can call us anywhere within Australia on 1300 139 482.

This is Damien Barnett from affordable staff showing Australian businesses how to achieve business efficiency through outsourcing.