Transcript of the video:

In today’s Q and A I’m going to show you a live demonstration of 3 ways you can contact with an outsourced team member.

Eva Judge from Affordable Staff and welcome to our RAW q&a session around outsourcing.

Today we’re going to run the Q and A a little different as I demonstrate the most common question around outsourcing…

How can I stay in touch with my outsourced staff member?

I’m going to show the 3 most common ways you can stay in touch,  and demonstrate how these work live with Faith who is sitting in our office in the Philippines.

Faith heads up the recruitment department and is a good indication of the type of staff that work for our clients.

Option 1 – Type Chatting

Ok the first option is type chatting. We most commonly use skype.

UPDATE*** Since recording this video we have moved to Microsoft Teams which is another great resource.

Skype allows 2 way type conversations, voice conversation and video conversations.

You can see Faith is sitting in our Philippines office currently typing with me around daily tasks. Skype is great as you can stay in touch via computer, tablet or smartphone.

Option 2 – Voice / Telephone

The second option (which I prefer) is to just pick up the phone and to call your team.

Let me call Faith now…

We use a hosted PBX system, which is basically like a traditional phone system with multiple extensions, but this is cloud-based (or internet-based).

Option 3 – 2 Way Video Chat

Ok, finally…2 way video chat. There are many options, with one of our favourites being Zoom as you are able to share screen, literally video chat and type chat. What I love about Zoom, is you can record the calls to refer back to down later if required.

Ok, so let’s start a video call with Faith.

Ok, that’s it and whilst I’ve covered 3 popular options there are still many other options, based on your own special situation and/or preferences.

If you’d like to find out more about how outsourcing can work within your business you can call us anywhere within Australia on 1300 139 482.

This is Eva Judge from affordable staff showing Australian businesses how to achieve business efficiency through outsourcing.