A quick share that we found really insightful and funny at the same time.

As a quick backstory… We expanded our internal marketing team in the Philippines office and hired a videographer to create content that we share locally within the Philippines as a part of our branding and to share the vision of our business.

In this most recent video, the team decided to roam the streets and ask local people within the Philippines if they knew what a Virtual Assistant. We then gathered our local team to watch, react and the results are hilarious, especially as many people didn’t know what a VA does or even what the word meant.

Watch to the end where our team spell out the types of clients they work with along with their definition of a VA. Overall I have to say it highlights how NEW the industry is still within the Philippines and is a bit of fun.

Full Transcript of the video:

Evan: So, hello…


Rissa: Hi, this is Martin.

Martin: And Rissa is here.

Rissa: Hi.

June: Hi, my name is June.

Christine: I am Christine.

Henry: Hi, I’m Henry.

Gabby: And Gabby.

Justin: Hi, my name is Justin.

Rafa: You can call me Rafa.

Evan: I’m Evan and I’m a virtual assistant.

Jor-el: And I’m Jor-el and I’m a virtual assistant as well.

Henry: So we’re gonna react to what others or the general public know about virtual assistants.

Person 1: Virtual, what? Is this real?

Gabby: He has something in mind.

Person 2: I know what “virtual” means but I forgot.

Person 2: They do something related to the truth?

Rissa: What did she say? “Kamatuoran” (Truth)? In relation to what?

Martin: Virtual. Truth.

Rissa: Ah.. no.

Person 3: Assist virtually… something in media?

Rafa: Because of the word “assistant.”

Person 4: I don’t know. Is it about virtue or what?

Henry: Virtue?

Person 4: I think it’s related to virtues or what.


Justin: Sis tried.

Martin: I’m patient. Patience is a virtue, but can never be virtual.


Person 5: Is that through computers? It’s the one that aids you in what you do.

Henry: Very good.

Gabby: Good job.

June: Oh, perfect. She’s smart!

Jor-el: Correct.

Evan: So smart, girl.

Jor-el: Very good assumption.

Evan: Good job.

Jor-el: It’s always good to assume.


Henry: Oh, our alma mater.

Person 6: Actually, I have no idea. Is it like a hierarchy? There’s someone in power and then there’s people beneath that person?


Person 7: They help people when you have problems online.

Evan: We have problems online.

Jor-el: Like life problems.

Rissa: What was her name?

Martin: Joanna.

Rissa: Joanna.

Martin: Good job.

Rissa: Joanna got it right. Good job.

Person 8: The one that does applications…

Gabby: Applications.

Person 8: That’s usually from Japan?

Henry: It’s already two for applications.

Gabby: We’re from Japan.

Henry: Nihao-ma?

Gabby: That’s Chinese!

Person 9: Like a robot?

Martin: Do you feel like you’re an app?

Rissa: I’m very much human, thank you.

Justin: Are we artificial?


Rafa: Are we robots?

Justin: We’re very natural.

Person 10: I have no idea what a virtual assistant does.

Evan: I like her. Straight to the point.


Person 10: Ranking someone’s social media?

Henry: One of the jobs here, I guess.

Person 11: A virtual assistant helps you as an assistant like if you have tasks to get done or if you have emails, they can multitask for you.

Person 12: Technical definition, I don’t know. But basically I know it’s helping out companies in different aspects of their business through the internet.

Martin: Very good, Chaela. Three stars. One, two, three.

June: Very smart.

Christine: Perfect.


Gabby: We’re robots.

Henry: We’re robots!

June: We are humans.

Evan: Like real pretty people.

Jor-el: With real emotions.

Evan: With feelings. We get hurt, too.

Rissa: That’s really a very real misconception. So I hope we corrected that.

Rafa: It’s funny though. It’s applicable on our end because, patience is a virtue, right?


Henry: Our positions itself, it’s virtual. We just talk to our clients over the computer.

Gabby: We’re not the normal call center agents. We’re not call center agents.

Christine: I work for sales and property managers. I handle their social media as well as their database, generation of their reports.

Justin: I basically call banks and just follow up for home loans and any application that has something to do with our clients or our customers’ financials.

Gabby: So I’m basically client-facing. Sometimes, I’d be broadcasted in Australia, I’ll be facing people from different companies and explaining to them what we do.

Rafa: I deal with the clients, I deal with the developers as well as the content writers.

June: I check whether the company properties are being sold in the market, and then I’m checking other companies as well, like the competitors.

Henry: I work as a data processing specialist.

Gabby: More on accounting.

Henry: Yeah.

Martin: A virtual assistant is an offshore employee. It means that I could work for an Australian company while being here in the Philippines.

Rissa: We do all of our work through computers and that’s how we provide assistance.