Transcript of the video:

Faith Perez from Affordable Staff and welcome to our RAW sessions around outsourcing.

With our business operating from Australia and our managed office within the Philippines, we’ve created these series of videos for businesses that have considered outsourcing and would like to get hands on experience of our staff here in the Philippines.

Today for a bit of fun we’re going to test our staff’s knowledge around Australian slang words.

None of our team have been prepared in advance  so this should be interesting 🙂

G’day Mate (gerday mate) – Means to say hello

Cindy – Hello friend

Jackie – Hello?

Jose – Good day, friend?

Elana – I think it means hello…hello mate

Asher – It means good morning or good day.

Down Under – Down under is Australia

Jose – It’s basically Australia.

Jackie – I think it means Australia.

Cindy – Under the ground?

Asher – It refers to Australia which is the land down under.

Elana – I think it means the places that is found under?

Going to the Dunny (going to the Dunnie) – Means to use the Comfort Room or Rest Room

Jose – To the bathroom? Going to the bathroom

Asher – Going to the restroom?

Cindy – Going to have a dinner?

Elana – What? I think it means going to the place called Dunny?

Jackie – Toilet?

Have a Bingle (Have a Bingel) – Means to have a car accident

Asher – Uh-oh. Have a slice of bread or food? I don’t know.

Cindy – Have a…have a breakfast? I don’t know.

Jackie – I have no idea.

Jose – Have a bite?

Elana – What was that? Bingle? I think it means to have a pee?

Talk to you in the Arvo – Talk to you later in the afternoon

Elana – See you soon?

Jackie – Arvo is afternoon. I hear that all the time from my client.

Jose – Arvo…I’d say talk to you later?

Asher – Arvo uhmmm…talk to you for a while or for a minute?

Cindy – To talk to you in the car?

Have a Barbie – Is when you cook a Barbeque (BBQ)

Jackie – I think that’s something like a skewer? Barbeque?

Asher – Is it with eating? Talks about eating something?

Cindy – Have a barbeque

Jose – Barbie…have fun?

Elana – Go buy a Barbie Doll.

Okay that’s great! Thank you very much to Elana, Jackie, Jose, Asher and Cindy for taking part.

Keep an eye out for future Affordable Staff Aussie slang challenges.