In this Q and A we’re going to answer :

  • What sort of qualifications/jobs were you doing before starting this business?
  • What is your role in the business?
  • What does your average day look like?

Transcript of the video:

Faith Perez from Affordable Staff and welcome to our RAW Q&A session around outsourcing.

With our business operating from Australia and our managed office within the Philippines, we’ve created these series of videos for businesses that have considered outsourcing and would like to get hands on experience of our staff here in the Philippines.

Today we’re asking 3 questions from 3 different staff around success and working with us in our business.

Let’s get into it

What sort of qualifications/jobs were you doing before starting this business?

Before I started working with David, few years ago, I had spent around ten years before that doing admin, hr and people management. I was admin manager for a local non-profit and I did that for about ten years and I was also head of hr department.

I managed a collections department for a local financing company here in Bacolod City. I was also head of the media management unit for the same company. So that’s basically it.

So it’s really around administration, hr and accounting. I also did a lot of accounting because I actually have a degree in accounting, so I did a lot of that. For a while, after the 10 years experience, I also tried being in a call center. I did that very briefly before started working with David.

What is your role in the business?

I am the operations manager of Affordable Staff here in the Philippines and I basically manage the day to day operations of the business.

What does your average day look like?

When we started our operations here in the Philippines a few years ago, it was basically just me and a few people. I handled everything from recruitment to training to supervision. But since the company and the operations have grown especially in the past year. I have handed  off these responsibilities to our local management team here. We have somebody who does recruitment, hr and admin. We have a few team leaders to supervise the team. But I still do a lot of administration and finance because I can’t really hand it off to anybody yet. Not at this stage.

For now, the day to day would be basically coordinating the management team. Making sure everything is on track that we are addressing any concerns that we may have for that day or  that period. It also involves coordinating and interacting with the team over in Australia, so David, Eva and the guys.

There’s also some client management involved especially for the clients, that we’ve had for a few years, that I have interacted with in the past. Our clients know that they can approach us too here in the Philippines not just the guys in Australia. A lot of them are actually comfortable going directly to us if there are some things they need to discuss or if they need to  arrange for their team members.

Aside from the daily operations, I also make sure that we are complying with government regulations. Anything external, I have to deal with myself. That includes dealing with the government, with lease negotiations of our office space here. I forgot to mention that I also facilitated the setup of the business here in the Philippines. I’ve had experience doing that before with the previous company that I worked with. I also facilitated the setup of the non-profit that I worked with a few years ago.

So I guess that’s basically it. Aside from the day to day operations, it’s basically everything else that’s outside of that I have to deal with.

Ok, that’s it

If you’d like to find out more about how outsourcing can work within your business you can call us anywhere within Australia on 1300 139 482.

This is Faith Perez from Affordable Staff showing Australian businesses how to succeed with outsourcing.