Damien here and one of the common issues that I am asked to assist with is the fear that agency owners are only Outsourcing so they can sack their local staff.

I have to be honest, I thought the same thing years ago when I was working for a property management company and they had employed an overseas VA and it was my job to upskill them. I thought they would be uspkilled and I’d be sacked.

In reality outsourced staff can’t do inspections, they can’t build  face to face relationships with your clients and cannot be licenced. These are all tasks that if done well, will make your agency stand out from the crowd and can support you in your local admin tasks.

We have a bunch of case studies with clients where we explore their fears prior to outsourcing and the reality after working with us.

Ok, that’s it. If you would like to discuss the finer details on how this works give me a call and we can see if outsourcing would be a good fit for your business.

This is Damien Barnett from Affordable Staff and talk soon.