In working with Mortgage Brokers over the past few years, we know there is much more to running a file than just meeting compliance and pushing applications to submission. It’s also about effectively managing your team, allocating tasks where required and re-prioritising files when urgencies change.

We’ve found that CRM systems are generally compliance based and therefore not quite flexible enough to use for daily workflow management. Priorities change on a day to day basis and workflow tools are a great way to effectively track progress of individual files and assign new priorities accordingly. When working with a team, software platforms should be fast, responsive and mobile & desktop friendly, so we use and recommend a cloud based workflow management system called Trello.

Trello provides the ability to collaborate with your team in a secure cloud environment and tracks activity in real time. It’s a highly flexible program which can be used to create efficiency in business and it’s a really easy way to communicate with your VA’s working remotely in the online environment, or even to chat with the person in the office right next to you. Our Virtual Assistants are trained to use this tool and can effectively implement it into their brokers working environment.

Trello enables broker workflows to be managed visually, like a white board and you can see at a glance, who has what tasks on their list so you can change file priorities depending on their urgency and allocate tasks to team members appropriately. It’s also a great way to have general conversations around a file outside of broker compliance and CRM environments, allowing team members to ask questions and solve problems collaboratively while at the same time improving response times in replying to clients.

To create efficiencies in any business, it’s important to choose the most effective tools to enable that efficiency. Please feel free to contact me if you would like more information.

This is Nadine from Affordable Staff, helping you build business efficiency through outsourcing.