Cindy and Michelle work for a property management client on the Gold Coast in Australia. In this short interview, they share the types of tasks they perform for their client every day.

Cindy – Some of the tasks that I perform are banking and reconciliation. I also do arrears management wherein I send out SMS reminders. I send out letters to tenants. I also call them everyday to follow up on their arrears. I send out breach notices, notice to leave when their breach has expired. I also complete routine inspections. I send out maintenance requests, if there are any. Feedback letters, say for example, a general cleaning is recommended, then I do that. I also process and sign out water bills and electricity bills.

David – Very good. What do the property managers in Australia do?

Cindy – They focus more in inspecting their property and finding clients. More clients.

David – What happened before you, were they in the office a lot?

Cindy – Yes. They stay in the office to perform mundane tasks. Now that they have us, it’s easier because we support them all the way. 

Michelle – What I do for my client is actually process applications. I do reference checks for our applicants. I also deal with lease renewals and I schedule routine inspections, send out entry notices for our tenants. And I help out with marketing. I gather data from different rental websites and I create brochures, booklets, or newsletters.

David – So you actually contact and communicate with people outside of your client’s business?

Michelle – Yeah. For reference checks, I actually speak with other property managers from different agencies. I speak with their employers from different companies. And sometimes for marketing, I also call prospective buyers or sellers.

David – Wow, okay. Fantastic. So that’s quite a variety of tasks. How long have you been working with your client for?

Michelle – I’ve been working with my client for about a year and a half now.