Cindy and Michelle work for a property management client on the Gold Coast in Australia. In this short interview, they share how long it took them to be competent in their roles.

Cindy – I was in training for two weeks and I worked independently after that. So after two weeks I feel confident and that I can be as efficient and as effective as any property manager can be. So, two weeks.

David – Now, how long have you been working with your client?

Cindy – For almost a year now.

David – Okay and how would you feel that you are supporting the current property manager team in Australia. So you’re 110% independent?

Cindy – Yes.

David – So how competent would you say you are in your role now?

Michelle – I can say that I’m very much competent.

David – Yes, a year and a half?

Michelle – Yes.

David – How long did it take for you to get started to be able to perform independently?

Michelle – My training actually took almost two weeks. Within a month I think I’m already familiar with my tasks and I have also done the tasks correctly within a month. So up until now I don’t think I’ve had any major issues with my tasks.

David – Okay, so about a month to work totally independently.

Michelle – Yes.