David here and we’re often asked how well we pay our staff and their working conditions.

This is a fair question as I know there are outsourcing companies out there that underpay and have poor working conditions for their staff.

It’s important to note that obviously cost is the one of the reasons people outsource and that that cost is directly linked to a different country’s scale of economy which is reflected in that country’s cost of living.

With this in mind, when we set up our business in the Philippines, we created a Standard of Employment to ensure all staff are paid well along with the general working and safety conditions being above adequate.

These were audited by the government-run Department of Labor and Employment and were deemed compliant within every area.

There are over 17 points we focused on including:

  • Wages and Benefits
  • Job Stability
  • Equal Opportunity in the Workplace
  • Sick and Annual Leave
  • Paternity Leave

It’s not compulsory to create this Standard or have our processes audited by the Department of Labor and Employment, yet as a business we identify this as a critical step and that’s why we have a long-term business that supports its staff.

This document can be accessed on request with any of our Australian team and I encourage you to get in contact with us and I’m more than happy to share this document that demonstrates Our Point of Difference, Our Standard, and Our Compliance.

This is David Judge from Affordable Staff. Talk soon.