Cindy and Michelle work for a property management client on the Gold Coast in Australia. In this short interview, we discussed how they communicate with their client.

Cindy – We communicate with our client using Skype, emails, and Zoom calls, we also do that.

David – So Zoom calls, that’s screensharing and video?

Cindy – Yes. Video recording whenever we have trainings.

David – Do you communicate with your client’s clients?

Cindy – Yes. Yes.

David – How do you do that?

Cindy – When I call to chase up people. Yes, I do that.

David – That’s the most common one?

Cindy – Yes.

Michelle – Our communication is actually through Skype. And emails. We don’t have any problems with our communication. Cause when I come into work in the morning, I Skype my client, I Zoom with my client.

David – Zoom, so like video call?

Michelle – Yeah, we do video calls for some of the trainings. Or if I have a new task that I need to do, we do Zoom calls for her to train me.

David – And I know your client found it very challenging at first but it’s like every day now, isn’t it?

Michelle – Yeah. She didn’t know how to use Skype at first but now she’s really good at it. She can send us pictures, all messages she actually sends through Skype already.