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Hello and welcome, David Judge from Affordable Staff and today I’m going to share the pros of outsourcing.

These Pro’s I’m mentioning today are coming from a person that has over 460,000 hours of outsourcing, employing over 500 people in the last 6 years across places like the Philippines, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Papua New Guinea, America and Europe to name a few.

So, let’s delve down deep and share some of the key benefits of working with offshore staff.

Pro 1 – Outsourcing Can Save You Time In Your Business

This is very true, especially with the average business owner working over 52 hours per week.

The average business owner work over 52 hours per week doing slow, repetitive tasks.[/caption]

There are several ways outsourcing can help save you time, from:

  • completing slow, painful and repetitive tasks, through to
  • touching base with existing clients, and
  • diary management

Offshore staff can support your local staff.

This is also true for your local staff. Offshore staff can support your local staff so they can focus on tasks that offer a higher Return on Investment while offshore staff focus on tasks that are still critical to perform like backend administration for example.

Pro 2 – Outsourcing Can Save You Money In Your Business

Unlike local employees, you are able to employ offshore staff within your business at a much lower investment.

Also if you employ offshore staff through an agency like mine, for example, they are considered a business expense and as a result are a tax deduction.

Offshore staff are considered a business expense.

It’s very important to note that you also don’t have to pay for:

  • an office to place your person
  • electricity
  • tax & superannuation,

which can be a massive relief if you’re familiar with managing staff.

Pro 3 – Offshore Staff Can Help You Grow Your Business

There are many ways outsourcing can help you to grow your business. As I mentioned before, offshore staff can focus on critical admin tasks and free up the time of your local staff to invest more time seeing clients and develop relationships.

Offshore staff can focus on critical admin tasks and free up the time of your local staff.

You can have offshore staff perform marketing tasks that generate leads for your business, for example:

  • customer satisfaction surveys,
  • social media tasks,
  • newsletters

and other tasks that many businesses know they need to perform but never get around to as they are too busy doing the daily ‘stuff’.

Pro 4 – Virtual Assistants Give You A Lifestyle

So I mentioned in my first point that the average business owner works over 52 hours per week which is of course time you could be with your family, friends, walking the dog maybe and even spending time on simple pleasures like being there for your family at dinner time.

You can choose how you invest your time.

The main point here is you can actually CHOOSE how you invest your time and have your offshore staff handle the tasks that would normally keep you in the office.

Pro 5 – Offshore Staff Can Be Constantly Monitored

There are several ways we keep an eye on outsourced staff, all of which are designed to ensure you are getting the maximum result with the least amount of risk.

You can always monitor your offshore staff.

These include:

  • Random screen snapshots
  • Software that manages interactions
  • Access to our own methods that allow you to watch your staff work live
  • Daily records of how long and tasks take to complete
  • A full time allocated supervisor that monitors any performance issues
  • Local Australian account managers that help iron out / fix problems that may arise

These last 2 points are attractive to many clients as we’re very experienced in outsourcing and know how to handle many issues that may arise and work with integrating offshore staff into a business.

Ok, that’s it. Please be sure to check out the Con’s video where I cover the problems that may arise around outsourcing and how to overcome them.

This is David Judge from Affordable Staff showing Australian businesses how to succeed with outsourcing.