In today’s online environment, there’s a plethora of platforms and services available to business for improving efficiency and workflow, many of which target industry specific sectors such as Mortgage Broking. With more focus on improved connectivity, secure information sharing and workflow tracking, it’s now easier than ever use these platforms to interact with clients, engage with your team and generally communicate with others.

Affordable Staff VAs work within the online environment 100% of the time, so our onboarding and training procedures focus on enabling our team to effectively assist clients within that environment.  

Just engaging a new system doesn’t necessarily create efficiency though. Integrating the system into existing workflows creates a great foundation to get started, but is most effective when appropriate resources are utilised for actioning the workflows tasks.

An example of effective system integration is the outsourcing of mortgage brokers admin tasks through our brokers efficiency program. This integration creates efficiency in two ways. Firstly, admin being handled by someone other than the broker means the broker has more time to work on business growth and higher level, income generating activities.

And secondly, outsourcing to an Affordable Staff VA creates efficiency through direct cost savings as those tasks are being completed at an affordable rate and on a tax deductible invoice. To delegate the same tasks and hours to an Australian resource not only comes at a higher direct cost, but also creates added responsibility in meeting local HR and employment obligations if you employ your assistant directly.

Finding business efficiencies, both through utilising online platforms and through outsourcing administration tasks to appropriate resources creates more time for brokers to do what they do best, so I’d like to pose a question – What could be achieved in your business if the admin component was taken care of and you had more available hours in your day?

This is Nadine from Affordable Staff, helping you build business efficiency through outsourcing.