At Affordable Staff, we do a psychological profile for every candidate using the DISC method. This shows us information about specific personality traits, plus indicators around what their natural and adaptive behaviours will be within the working environment. We use this information as a part of a 7 step recruitment process to help us find the best behavioural match for the placement. If you are looking to scale your business up with the help of a Virtual Assistant, we recommend a profile is also done for you as the business owner, as this can help you to analyse your own behaviours in the working environment and can also help to ascertain the type of support you need to outsource and will be of the most benefit to you. We use and recommend a great tool called Extended DISC when profiling here in Australia. If you are a Connective Broker, however, Connective offers a profiling tool to their members for free, which can provide a profile of you and what your behaviours may be as a broker. Behavioural profiling is a great benefit to the recruitment process as matching the right person to the job and business is crucial. In our search for a candidate to place as a mortgage brokers assistant, we look for applicants that display conscientious behaviours such as caution and accuracy in their handling of data and the ability to complete detail-oriented tasks in a focused and systemised manner. These candidates are often quite analytical and enjoy solving problems and getting things right which is why they are a great match for placement in the role of Mortgage Brokers Assistant. Conversely, a candidate who displays heavily talkative and outgoing behaviours would not be suited, yet they would be a great match for a more social role such as receptionist or social media assistant. This is why profiling is an important factor for in placing candidates with our clients. Please feel free to get in touch for more information. This is Nadine from Affordable Staff helping you to build business efficiency through outsourcing.