Hey David here and we commonly have clients ask how they can communicate with an offshore team member (or their VA).

This has never been easier, especially through technology like Zoom and Skype and while you may have heard about these software’s before, a lot of businesses still don’t understand how simple they really are to use..

So with that in mind I thought what better way than to actually show you how simple Zoom is to use.

Ok, so if you’ve never heard of Zoom, it’s basically a program that you use to hold 2 way voice and video calls. So like video conferencing for example.

You can chat using a microphone, which is already built into most computers and a web camera. If you don’t have a web camera you can still chat but no one will be able to see you, yet they’ll still be able to hear you.

If you don’t have a webcam or a microphone you can actually dial in using your mobile phone or your office phone. One cool feature around Zoom is the number you call is country based, so in Australia you’d use a local Australian telephone number.

Another great feature with Zoom is the ability to share your computer screen when on a Zoom call, which is great for training sessions, especially when you’re training someone in another country.

Finally, the icing on the cake is you can record every call, meaning you can record a training session for example and your offshore person can refer back to anytime they want and as you grow your team you can use these videos to automate the upskilling.

Ok, that’s it, Can you see yourself using Zoom in your business and while I’ve been showing how you can Zoom from an outsourcing perspective, can you see how you could use it in your day to day operations?

I mean it’s really fantastic and there are really no limits and bounds. It’s so simple to use. Let’s say, you don’t have a headset, you don’t have webcam, you can still dial using your phone. There are so many different ways you can connect.

This is David from Affordable Staff and talk soon.