In this video, David and Damien discuss some of the biggest highlights for Affordable Staff this 2018.

  1. 67 clients worked to implement outsourcing in their business
  2. Implemented outsourcing into 4 good sized businesses before moving across to become a provider to the industry
  3. Traveled to meet with clients across Australia and New Zealand
  4. Client Study tour of Philippines
  5. Honed a lot of the processes within real estate and developed set methods for implementing processes
  6. Worked with a lot of clients around implementing cloud solutions
  7. Have become a Partner with PropertyMe and completed other cloud software trainings

What does 2019 hold

  1. More growth
  2. Focus more on education – No BS and sharing the specific how to’s
  3. The Hot Seat Season 2 – With an all new format – 5th February
  4. Continuing to aligning with other providers to integrate outsourcing into the industry