Nadine: What do you see is the biggest problem or challenge in the industry today and how do you think you can handle that?

Laura: I think it would probably be the number of distractions. It’s been a pretty tumultuous time, and so maintaining focus and just getting on with it. I think that’s probably the one of the biggest challenges that we face at the moment.

Nadine: So with the election coming up, and the recent recommendations of the Royal Commission, things like that?

Laura: Yeah just the uncertainty that has been generated because of all of that noise. So I think we’re kind of taught to a certain degree on the other side, and we’ve reached another level of acceptance or equilibrium, but there’s still stuff that haven’t been resolved and may not be resolved for a while. As I said I think we just need to get on with doing what we do and doing the best that we can.

Nadine: To refocus back on the things that really matter to your business?

Laura: Yeah, they are important.