There are a no other activities in our office that gather as much excitement as Halloween. The days leading in are abuzz with teams decorating and dressing up their work bays for the event with an excitement that outweighs Christmas.

I have to admit even after this many years, I’ve never understood the idea of this celebration, yet I can see the result in the overall office moral and how well the staff connect as a team. From the very first year of our office opening we held a Halloween party and every year it grows with involvement from the staff.

It’s a great opportunity for staff to express themselves and activities like Halloween show a work life balance where staff see the office as a place they want to be. The flow on effect is a happier and more productive team member!

How does the celebration work?

2 weeks leading in staff turn up early and stay late to work on their displays outside of work time in preparation for the Halloween party.

Each bay chooses a theme and dresses their bay to that theme. Groups are encouraged to be creative and work with each other toward a common goal.

On the day of the party each person comes dressed in their costume and after work we judge and choose the “Best Dressed” and “Best Looking Bay”. Our judging panel consist of 2 Australian based team and a special Philippines judge.

Afterwards parents are invited to bring their children in for ‘trick or treat’. This is where kids are able to walk around to each bay and receive enough lollies to drive their parents crazy. This is another big highlight with kids leaving with fond memories of the day.

Finally and of course, the day would not be complete without a Halloween themed stretch break (of which we have included a short peak).

Happy 2018 Halloween!

Disclaimer: During this time all staff continue to work as per usual with their client and all “funness” does not interrupt work hours. We also increase security measures around this time to ensure we are still adhering to all security protocols. No external people are allowed to enter the business during this time, except for direct children of staff that work for the company which is closely monitored by our onsite security staff.