Summary of the video:

How Long Have You Worked In The Industry?

Brianna – I’ve been in the industry for 8 years

Christina – I’ve been in the industry for 3 years

Eva – Have you been working with Rent West the whole time?

Brianna – Yes

Eva – And how long has Rent West been in business?

Brianna – 9 years now

How Has Outsourcing Impacted Your Industry?

Brianna – It’s really increased the service that we give to our clients. Our girls in the Philippines are doing the admin work and it means our property managers have more time to spend with clients out on the road.

Eva – So less admin and more face to face work, which would have increased the level of customer service you provide?

Brianna – Yes, exactly

How Do You Find Working With An Offshore Team?

Brianna – There were a few challenges to start with around the language barriers and we’d never done it before. But now we use Zoom and Skye and it’s fantastic

Eva – This makes the communication easy once you understand the systems

Did You Have Any Fears Around Outsourcing?

Eva – Now you actually work in the business and you don’t own the business. Do you feel as you are a part of the actual admin team that you had any fears around brining in offshore team into the business?

Brianna – Yeah definitely a lot of people would have fears as it’s something new and we’d never done it before. Now everyone loves it and thinks it’s fantastic

Has Outsourcing Affected Any Jobs In Australia?

Eva – One of the biggest fears is outsourcing will take jobs away for staff in Australia. Has that actually happened in your business?

Brianna – Not at all, it’s just increased the level of service we give to our clients.

Eva – Out of curiosity, how many team members do you have in Australia?

Brianna – 25ish

How Do You Find Working With Australian Clients?

Melissa – At first I was worried due to the Language and Cultural differences, but once we overcame these I really love working with Rent West as they consider us as part of the team not just some offshore person doing some admin

Eva – So you feel like part of the family

Everybody – Yes

Melissa – We feel very honoured working for rent west

Eva – Do you just communicate with one or two people in the business or do you communicate with a larger group of people?

Gretchen – Our direct contact is with Brianna and Christina. Some of the other PM’s are there if you ever have questions in regards to the tasks that have been assigned to us. For this I can email. Through Skype and Zoom we have contact with just Brianna and Christina

What Type Of Tasks Do You Perform For Your Client?

Melissa and Gretchen – We send emails to book things like routine inspections, SMS reminders when their rent is in arrears and many other tasks

What Areas Do You Find Challenging In Your Role?

Gretchen – For me at first it was very challenging drawing up a new lease thinking what if I get it wrong, having to calculate the lease start dates. Because after we draw up a new lease we directly email it to a tenant.

Eva – So you’re nervous to make sure you don’t make any mistakes?

Gretchen – Perhaps some. Brianna is so understanding

Eva – So with a little bit of training you understand what you’re doing now?

Brianna – They do an amazing job

Eva – So of the other reasons you’ve come to visit your team in the Philippines is to take them to the next level and show them even more tasks they can complete. How is that coming along?

Brianna – Yeah it’s great, they’re fantastic. We’ve only had to show them a couple of times and they’ve picked it up straight away.

Any Advice For Other PM’s Considering Outsourcing?

Brianna – I’d say give it a go definitely, it’s improved our business