We are continuing to work toward total security and risk management, focusing on principles listed within the ISO 31000:2009 management standard and have implemented policies and methods to protect your Private Information and Intellectual Property.

These are the following measures we have in place within our offshore office:

General Security Standard

  • 2 security guards at all times at the entrance of the office
  • Policy to prevent non-employees entering the office
  • Back to base security system during office closed hours
  • Monitoring cameras (entry and floor) with storage and live internet streaming
  • Biometric scanners for every employee that logs on when entering building and logs off when leaving

Security Within the Office

  • All disabling of unused USB ports
  • Supervisors on floor that monitor staff at all times
  • Separate individual lockers for staff to place their personal belongings
  • Policy to lock all unattended PC's when staff not at desk
  • Policy that bans phones, recordable devices, paper and writing devices
  • No access to printing on site
  • Separate locked server room with secure IT infrastructure
  • Independant 3rd party (offsite) IT support
  • Policies on data management

Risk Management Procedures

  • Onboarding procedures
  • Employee manual that outlines key risk management methods
  • Regular memos to update on office changes
  • Risk management framework
  • Risk management implementation infrastructure
  • Individual staff risk management feedback process flow
  • Legally binding employment agreements
  • Legally binding NDA's
  • Annual independent review of legal documentation (by legal counsel)
  • Annual independent review of risk management framework (by legal counsel)


Bite the bullet and give it a go. It's been an incredibly valuable addition to our business. We've taken steps forward, we've only been doing it for a few months and I've already seen significant change to our business.

I'd just like to thank you guys for what you've done for us as it's been really, really helpful.

Damien Misso
Damien MissoProfessionals Woody Point

Outsourcing has changed our office, it’s changed how I run my business. I have time to work on my business, instead of in my business. My local staff now have time to concentrate on inspecting properties, instead of completing mundane tasks like Lease Renewals and Rental Arrears. They don’t have to worry about as it’s all taken care of.

If there is anyone that is looking at outsourcing to contact Affordable Staff as they have made it so easy and I cannot recommend them enough.

Stacey Jackson
Stacey JacksonHarcourts Coomera

I can’t recommend Affordable Staff highly enough as my team are fully supported. The pressure is taken off where we can now have lunch every day and actually leave on time every afternoon.

Lauren Robinson
Lauren Robinson Rental Results

We have operated with a remote team assisting our property management processes over a year now. Our experience with Affordable Staff has been fantastic.

The way they recruit and then induct the team is second to none. I can say this because we have had experience with another company. They are easy to deal with and upskill the girls on the programs before they start working with you.

Their understanding of the industry is great and they are all very easy to deal with. If you are considering hiring a remote team, Affordable Staff are the people you should be talking with.

Michelle Rigg - General Manager
Michelle Rigg - General ManagerRent West

Affordable Staff have been brilliant for our business. Through their staff selection and training of those staff specifically for our needs, we now have highly skilled, outsourced staff helping us with a range of functions including marketing, SEO, data mining, administration, and reception. They have helped increase our human resource skill base significantly while reducing our costs. It doesn't get better than that in business!!!

I would recommend Affordable Staff to anyone needing a reliable and cost effective outsource solution.

Dr Steve Francis
Dr Steve FrancisFrontStream Asia Pacific

I’m happy to talk to you about how it’s assisted us, and how we’re able to trust David and his team, and we’ve got other mutual clients that you could talk to as well.

I’ve had a long term relationship with Affordable Staff as a client and Trust them strongly.

Andrew Reece
Andrew ReeceInspect Real Estate

After more thank 12 months of procrastinating and Damien holding my hand and guiding me though the entire process,

I am so excited to have taking on my first VA. I was very reluctant and didn’t really have the time for change and training, but it was far easier than I thought.

After just a month… I now could not work without Ely. This has literally saved me $1000’s (in just a short period of time) for our graphic design work alone.

Debbie Palmer
Debbie PalmerPPM Group

I chose to work with your company as I already knew who I was dealing with and we worked together to find a solution for me.

I felt supported and I was confident that my concerns and needs were acknowledged and responded to.

Laura Sillano
Laura SillanoPOD Financial

Having a VA has allowed me to focus on growing my business. Outsourcing has allowed me to focus on my business.

Karen Ng
Karen NgRoger Ng & Co Business Accountants

Quite honestly, the biggest feature for me is the foundation in how Affordable Staff works. There is a strong focus on support and development of the team. For anyone looking at outsourcing I encourage you to give it a go. From first hand experience it has all of the positives and none of the negatives.

Keith Marshall
Keith MarshallAustralian Mortgage and Financial Advisors

Growth is everywhere you look at the new Renowned Furniture. We have added a new French polisher whose background harks from the Melbourne, Toorak elite where fine furniture and antique restoration are of a very high quality and we’ve also added a new joiner to assist with all the day to day joinery.

Our turnover here at Renowned has increased by more than double in the past 12 months! At a time when so many businesses in general are saying that they are quiet and so many businesses in our particular industry are downsizing or closing!

Dan Valmadre
Dan ValmadreRenowned Furniture

Once I learned details of your business model and your structure there was an automatic TRUST and it wasn’t a difficult decision to use Affordable Staff once we’d completed our own Due Diligence of your business. It’s a good feeling to be able to pick up the phone, talk to someone locally which gives you an ultimate sense of confidence.

David Coglan
David CoglaniCapital Business Finance