We ask some of our team members why they like working for Affordable Staff.

I like working in affordable staff because of the day shift and of course the weekends off because I still have time to do a lot of things.

I have the day shift and the weekends off.

I can say “happy weekend” at 3 p.m. on Fridays.

There are no forced overtimes and weekends are free.

Because of the awesome work environment.

Everyone is so friendly and dedicated to their work.

It never gets boring. Every hour is as diverse as it gets.

I like working for Affordable Staff because of very supportive clients and weekends off.

I can have a great relationship with my client.

Working at Affordable Staff gives you the opportunity to advance your skills and working experience.

I love being given the creative freedom and trust to do my work.

There’s an opportunity to develop and advance.

I love working in Affordable Staff because of the value that we put in our individuality that actually brings about an opportunity to hone and master our skill set.

I like working in Affordable Staff because the environment is good, the people are very friendly, we have weekends off, and most of all, you get to have, or to leave every day early rather than having to work at the night time.